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Customized Applications and manageable websites for your business.
100% cloud.


Tech solutions that turn your business or ideas into amazing apps.

About Us

nPlaceIT uses innovative technology solutions to assert and insight our customers' processes.

We have all the toys

We are experts in cross-platform software development.
Regardless of the platform or device, our solutions deliver neat experiences.

And we know stuff

With Flutter, we design beautiful, natively compiled applications for multiple platforms.
With PHP, we build fast, dynamic and scalable websites that are easy to maintain and customize.
With Dart, we create automated software and strong backend services that power modern apps.
With Node.js, we craft cross-platform, ultra fast applications, tools, bots and websites.
With TypeScript, we develop libraries with high sustainability to power WebApps, bots and more.
With MongoDB, we store documents for robust applications. The performance is really mind-blowing.
With Vultr, we run fast, scalable applications and services with solid real-time response.

AI? We love that too.

How we work

Tech inspection, fine tuning your idea.
Schedule, timing, tech needs and team definition.
Solid development workflow, uninterrupted.
Final adjustments and implementation.
Ready to go.
Customer training and support

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Avenida Osvaldo Reis, 320, Sala A
Itajaí, Santa Catarina / 88306-000
+55 47 3083-1350

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